3 Reasons Why you Want a Drone at Your Wedding

Your wedding day is fast approaching. You have heard about drones, but haven't really considered having one. Well, look no further than this article! Here, I give you my top 3 reasons why you want an aerial camera at your wedding.


First of all, is simply the beautiful imagery an aerial camera can provide. From sweeping shots over the guests throwing confetti, to the bride and groom strolling hand in hand over an epic landscape, the results can be truly cinematic. The aerial camera provides a unique and otherwise unobtainable angle, doing maximum justice to your venues and surroundings and capturing all the atmosphere of your special day. 

2 - SAFE

The word drone conjures thoughts of large, noisy aircraft, likely to fly into ancient church buildings or terrify wedding guests. Our drone is small, discrete, and packed full of safety features! These include full GPS capability and forward facing anti-collision sensors, which will automatically stop the aircraft from hitting a vertical surface. Additionally, we have three years operational experience, we hold a BNUCS licence to fly commercially in UK air space, and we are members of IOSH.


Finally, the cherry on the top! When you choose to have aerial drone footage for your wedding, as well as including aerial footage in your main wedding video, we will also give you all of the video clips taken by the drone as an entirely separate edit! We also follow a 'no fly, no pay' policy, whereby if the weather on the day prevents us from being able to fly, then you don't pay for the aircraft.