4 Things Videography Gives You That Photography Can Not

Now-a-days, almost every couple getting married will organise a professional wedding photographer. However, fewer couples will employ a professional videographer. But is there any additional benefit to be had from capturing moving images? I believe there is, so below, I present to you 4 things videography gives you that photography can not. 


Possibly one of the most obvious differences between videographic and photographic media is the addition of an audio element, be it music or speech. Despite it's obviousness, sound must not be overlooked as one of the main advantages that the video has over the still, especially when it comes to weddings. A photograph cannot capture the nervous and emotional moment of a bride and groom exchanging vows, the father of the bride proudly talking about his daughter during his speech or the laughter and fun of the best man's stories. To capture sound at a wedding is to capture some of the most significant moments of the day.


Another obvious point, you may feel, but consider the advantages. Some of the most special moments of the day involve motion: walking down the aisle, the first kiss and the first dance are just three examples. A video will preserve these special moments in as real and re-liveable way as possible to be shared and enjoyed for years to come. Nothing can beat the slow motion video clip of you, the bride and groom, in a shower of colourful confetti, surrounded by friends and family.


The right photograph can elicit very real and very strong emotions. However, a movie, providing it is well shot, well edited and well shaped, packs an even greater punch. A movie is able to tell a much richer and fuller story that a set of still photographs, by fully immersing the audience in the action. There is no better way to bring the day and all its feelings and emotions flooding back, than through a wedding video.


Videos on USB are an excellent memento, particularly when compared with photographs or albums. USBs are easily stored, duplicated and posted to family and friends. A USB video can be appreciated by many people at any one time, as opposed to just one or two, which makes for a greater, shared experience of your special day.