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I'm delighed to announce that I am now making the finishing touches to a new feature here at ah-videos.com, which will be launched at the end of July! From July onwards, you will be able to log in using the button at the bottom of the page, enter your own secure password, and view your wedding video when it's completed. You can also use the URL link and password to share your video with friends and family!

4 Things Videography Gives You That Photography Can Not

Now-a-days, almost every couple getting married will organise a professional wedding photographer. However, fewer couples will employ a professional videographer. But is there any additional benefit to be had from capturing moving images? I believe there is, so below, I present to you 4 things videography gives you that photography can not. 


Possibly one of the most obvious differences between videographic and photographic media is the addition of an audio element, be it music or speech. Despite it's obviousness, sound must not be overlooked as one of the main advantages that the video has over the still, especially when it comes to weddings. A photograph cannot capture the nervous and emotional moment of a bride and groom exchanging vows, the father of the bride proudly talking about his daughter during his speech or the laughter and fun of the best man's stories. To capture sound at a wedding is to capture some of the most significant moments of the day.


Another obvious point, you may feel, but consider the advantages. Some of the most special moments of the day involve motion: walking down the aisle, the first kiss and the first dance are just three examples. A video will preserve these special moments in as real and re-liveable way as possible to be shared and enjoyed for years to come. Nothing can beat the slow motion video clip of you, the bride and groom, in a shower of colourful confetti, surrounded by friends and family.


The right photograph can elicit very real and very strong emotions. However, a movie, providing it is well shot, well edited and well shaped, packs an even greater punch. A movie is able to tell a much richer and fuller story that a set of still photographs, by fully immersing the audience in the action. There is no better way to bring the day and all its feelings and emotions flooding back, than through a wedding video.


Videos on USB are an excellent memento, particularly when compared with photographs or albums. USBs are easily stored, duplicated and posted to family and friends. A USB video can be appreciated by many people at any one time, as opposed to just one or two, which makes for a greater, shared experience of your special day.

Professional vs. Amateur Wedding Videography

Why not just ask a friend with a smart phone or digital camcorder to shoot video clips of your wedding day? It seems like a reasonable idea, but is it? I believe that there are huge benefits to be had from going down the professional route, which is why I have compiled this list of 5 ways in which a professional video has the edge over the amateur equivalent. 



Although the resolution modern smart phones and camcorders can achieve is quite incredible, there are many other important aspects that define quality. As well as recording in 4K resolution (ultra high definition), professional cameras have advanced image stabilisation, focussing features, low light capability and high frame rate options to allow for smooth slow motion playback. Cinematic lenses can allow for a beautiful shallow depth of field, an effect which simply can't be reproduced by a smartphone. Additionally, a professional service will provide you with high quality sound recordings of the day, essential when it comes to vows and speeches, soundbites that simply have to be well recorded.


Having high quality professional-grade equipment is only half the story. Not only will the professional be adept at manipulating their camera, he or she will know what to expect on the wedding day and will consequently be able to prepare for anything that might happen. The professional will know how to compose a balanced frame, where to stand for the best angles, and importantly where not to stand. The professional will also be accustomed to discretely organising or directing guests where necessary.


It's often many hours from bridal preparation to the first dance. The professional will cover the entire time period in between, something for which you may not be able to rely on the enthusiastic amateur. The professional is also likely to carry spare batteries and data storage in the event of a power failure or damaged memory card, further improving their reliability when compared with an amateur. 


There is a lot to be said for a professional edit. It can take your wedding video to the next level, and a professional videographer will strive for artistic perfection. 

The film is made in the editing room. The shooting of the film is about shopping... and you’ve got to make sure before you leave the store that you got all the ingredients. And then you take those ingredients and you can make a good cake - or not.
— Philip Seymour Hoffman


Finally, the professional is likely to provide an aftercare service, in the hope that clients are then more likely to recommend their video services to others. Aftercare can be as simple as providing extra copies of the DVD for friends and family, but some videographers may additionally offer a more long term video backup service.

3 Reasons Why you Want a Drone at Your Wedding

Your wedding day is fast approaching. You have heard about drones, but haven't really considered having one. Well, look no further than this article! Here, I give you my top 3 reasons why you want an aerial camera at your wedding.


First of all, is simply the beautiful imagery an aerial camera can provide. From sweeping shots over the guests throwing confetti, to the bride and groom strolling hand in hand over an epic landscape, the results can be truly cinematic. The aerial camera provides a unique and otherwise unobtainable angle, doing maximum justice to your venues and surroundings and capturing all the atmosphere of your special day. 

2 - SAFE

The word drone conjures thoughts of large, noisy aircraft, likely to fly into ancient church buildings or terrify wedding guests. Our drone is small, discrete, and packed full of safety features! These include full GPS capability and forward facing anti-collision sensors, which will automatically stop the aircraft from hitting a vertical surface. Additionally, we have three years operational experience, we hold a BNUCS licence to fly commercially in UK air space, and we are members of IOSH.


Finally, the cherry on the top! When you choose to have aerial drone footage for your wedding, as well as including aerial footage in your main wedding video, we will also give you all of the video clips taken by the drone as an entirely separate edit! We also follow a 'no fly, no pay' policy, whereby if the weather on the day prevents us from being able to fly, then you don't pay for the aircraft.