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The Service

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How long do I stay at a wedding?

I like to capture your whole day, so I cover from bridal preparation to the first dance. If you have any special requirements, just ask.

When will I receive the finished product?

I do my best to get your finished video out to you as quickly as possible. Quality comes first however, so I aim to get it back to you within two months.

Can we meet you before the wedding day?

I really like to set up a meeting before your big day. It's a great opportunity to discuss the final timetable of the day and also any key moments that you would like me to try and capture.

Do you record the vows and speeches?

I tend to pick out my favourite soundbytes from the day and include them in your final piece, and this often includes exerpts from both the vows and the speeches. If you have any special wishes, for example particular readings that you woud like recorded, then we can discuss these when we meet before your day. 



The Drone

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What is a drone?

A small aerial system used to carry a video camera into the sky to record footage.

Is the aerial camera insured?

The aircraft is insured and more importantly we have public liability insurance up to £10 Million pounds.

Is the drone safe?

Our aircraft is packed full of safety features: electronic built in compass to control heading, full GPS and GNSS capability, and forward facing anti-collision sensors.

Are you licensed to fly?

We hold a BNUCS licence to fly commercially in UK air space,  and are a member of IOSH.

What if it's raining or too windy to fly?

If the wind is gusting above 20 knots, or it’s raining, we are grounded. If the weather is unsuitable on the day, we do our best to get airborne between showers. If we don’t fly, you will be reimbursed the £400 difference between the package that offers the drone, and the one that does not.

How much does the drone cost?

The current pricelist can be found here.

Booking and Cancelling


Can I check your availability for my wedding day?

Yes, and it's very easy to do. Just drop me a quick message via the CONTACT page. Alternatively you can send me a message or start a conversation using any of my social media accounts linked at the bottom of this page.

How do I secure my booking?

Your booking will only be secure and unavailable for others once you have paid the booking fee and completed your brief new customer questionnaire.

How do I access the new customer questionnaire?

I will send you a link via email.


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